The Top 4 Closet Basics Every Fashion Blogger Owns

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As a woman, there are some basic items that you should never miss in your closet. However, do not let the word “basic” trick your mind. While these items may seem simple enough, fashion bloggers know how to style these basic everyday pieces from the closet into runway-ready fashion. Koy & Victoria is a women’s online clothing store that offers a variety of unique pieces. Our clothing is bold and makes a statement, but that doesn’t mean they are basic pieces. In this blog, we are going to go over some of the basics that fashion bloggers have in their closets. Learn more and be sure to add these looks to your closet today!


A Body-Hugging Dress

A body-hugging dress is a simple basic that every fashionista owns at least one of. These dresses are simple, making them easy to create stunning and unique styles with. A solid-colored body-hugging dress with a hem that hits mid-thigh, is a blank canvas. You can rock that dress in the summer with some fun accessories, chunky sneakers, and a hat. Or you can pair it with tights, a cardigan with a belt, a scarf, and some knee-high boots and rock that dress in the fall and winter. This is one piece in the closet that can provide an endless amount of looks.


Woman in statement flare pants in front of a white sheet backdrop.

Statement Pants

While pants are a staple in every closet, every fashion blogger has at least one pair of statement pants. These are pants that are bold, unique, and not your typical, everyday jeans. Whether they are a fun pattern, unique style, or simply are a bright color that catches everyone’s attention, a pair of pants that make a statement are a basic item in every fashion blogger's closet. Currently, you may notice a ton of social media influences with two-tone jeans, patterned pants, flare pants, and the likes. If you want to get your hands on a pair of statement pants, K&V has you covered!


Woman in a cream-colored tank with a U-shaped cutout along the neckline.

A Tank Top

Tank tops are another simple and basic item that can be found in every fashion blogger’s closet. Not only do tank tops provide a cooler option for hot summer days, but they also provide endless styling options. Modern tank tops, however, have a twist to their design. From thin shoulder straps, asymmetrical cuts around the neck, one-shoulder tanks, and unique cutouts, tanks are becoming so much more than a simple basic, they are becoming a statement piece. Tank tops are a great option to build a unique outfit from.


Woman in a purple zip-up cropped hoodie and matching pants.

A Stylish Hoodie

Hoodies used to be the go-to lazy day outfit, but fashion bloggers have changed that. A cute hoodie styled the right way, can be the difference between a boring outfit and a stunning style. Whether it is a pullover hoodie or a zip-up hoodie, this is a basic item that everyone needs in their closet. Fashionable hoodies can be worn with dresses, skirts, jeans, and just about anything esle. If you want to add a hoodie to your closet to give your fashion a boost, be sure to choose something stylish and unique, not the classic sport’s team hoodie with a giant logo on the front.

These are only a few of the many basic items that every fashion blogger has in their closet, but it is a good place to start adding to your own! If you want to give your closet a makeover and add some unique and stunning pieces that can enhance every outfit, be sure to shop Koy & Victoria today!

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