4 Ways to Style Our Duster Dresses

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Koy & Victoria is dedicated to creating luxe, laidback, and head-turning designer clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. While Koy & Victoria offers a wide selection of womenswear that can take wardrobes to the next level, the collection of duster dresses are among the most popular items that the Nigerian-owned boutique has to offer.

Duster dresses are long, shapeless, and incredibly stylish dresses that can be worn for just about any occasion. The designer dusters from Koy & Victoria are designed to help women stand out in the best way. Whether you dress with the Island Duster, Koy Wrap Duster, or the IFY Duster, it’s easy to create a look that you’ll be comfortable with no matter what your day entails. Continue reading to discover four different ways to style a duster.


Image of the Butter IFY Duster from Koy & Victoria.

Wear as a Cardigan 

If you’re looking for a comfortable and cozy look, wearing a duster as a cardigan is a great choice. Many dusters can be worn open or buttoned up. To achieve the cardigan look, you’ll want to choose a duster that can remain open and flowy. What you wear underneath is up to your personal style preferences. For a casual vibe, wear a duster over jeans or shorts and a simple tank.


Image of the Island Duster from Koy & Victoria.

Wear as a Dress

Some dusters are meant to be worn as a dress while others offer a little more flexibility. If you’re wanting to wear a dress to impress, you can pull it off with a duster. For those dusters that don’t have buttons to close everything up, opt for a belt or tie to keep everything secure. Keep in mind, dusters are often styled over long dresses. 


Image of the IFY duster from Koy & Victoria.

Wear With Pants

Dusters can complete just about any outfit. You can wear any type of top with leggings or another type of pants. We recommend pairing it with ankle tie or flared leg pants for the best results. A t-shirt will keep the look casual, but if you want to add more style, go with a nicer top or blouse. Put on a duster made of a light knit material to complete the look.


 Image of the Koy Duster from Koy & Victoria.

Wear With Accessories

Depending on the type of duster you are wearing and the style you’re going for, accessorizing can help complete the outfit. There are many different types of accessories that will complement a duster. From large hoop gold earrings and bracelets to a stylish belt, there are different accessories that can be utilized to achieve the look you want.

Duster dresses are a must when it comes to your wardrobe. If you want to be stylish and bold, you can’t go wrong with any of the duster dressers from Koy & Victoria. Shop our collection of duster dresses today. 

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