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Koy & Victoria love fashion, that’s no secret. Fashion is an incredible art form that allows people to express themselves authentically in the truest way possible. Clothing is an incredible way to express emotion, vibes, and style. Unique pieces can make a person feel confident just by putting it on. Our women’s boutique hopes to encourage women to express themselves through their style. Learn some of the reasons why you should shop our online store!


Woman wearing the Zara lace up crop top with matching pants.


Following And Creating Trends

Following trends is great, as trends tend to help people find common ground. It’s fascinating to watch trends change throughout the years and seasons. We like to think of it as a testament to the growth of society. However, innovating current trends by putting our unique style on them so that you can express your own is what we truly love.

Woman in the Vix tassel jacket and matching pants.

Inclusivity Within Fashion

Lately, fashion has thankfully become much more inclusive. Gone are the days where certain body types and skin colors remained queen. Now, you’re much more likely to see yourself represented within clothing ads or sizing options. We hope to provide something for everyone. Be sure to check out our size chart to see the best fit for you.

Woman in Isa flare pants standing in front of a white sheet backdrop.

Fast Shipping

Most national orders ship out within three to four business days. Of course, the mail carriers do occasionally experience delays beyond our control. However, we’re committed to getting your items to you quickly and efficiently so that you can look and feel your best. International orders occasionally see DHL processing delays.

Woman in the Ona high-waisted bikini bottoms.


We think that everyone deserves access to high fashion. Self-expression is the name of our game, and our friends at Afterpay make that dream a reality for a wide range of customers. Afterpay allows you to pay for your order in four easy installments every two weeks. They give you a spending limit, and it never affects your credit score.

K & V Inc. just wants you to look and feel confident in clothes you love. It’s that simple. We design high-quality, trendy, but unique pieces that will make you look put together and reflect your true sense of style. What will you wear?

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